Latest Review

  • ‘While We’re Young’: Aging ungracefully

    March 26, 2015


    Films about the generation gap tend to pit parent versus child, old values against new, youth versus age, experience against optimism. Which is what makes Noah Baumbach’s “While We’re Young” such a treat: Here’s a generational clash that pits overlapping generations – the Generation X cohort and the self-empowered Millenials – against each other. In fact, Baumbach has [...] More »

Latest Interview

  • Jeremy Irons take his tribute in stride

    December 9, 2014


      Jeremy Irons reclines in a hidden corner of a restaurant on the grounds of Marrakech’s lavish La Mamounia hotel, sipping a warm glass of sweet mint tea. The sun is sinking and there’s a nip in the air, so he’s moved inside from a courtyard where he’d been doing a TV interview. But he admits he’s been [...] More »


  • Live from the Sundance Film Festival: Wednesday, Jan. 28

    January 29, 2015


    I make a point of knowing as little as possible about the films I see at the Sundance Film Festival (or any other film festival – or just films in general, for that matter) before I see them because I want to see them with a blank slate. As I set up my schedule for my days [...] More »