Latest Review

  • So long…

    November 8, 2015


    My late father-in-law, a salt-of-the-earth South Dakotan who lived most of his life in that state, had a career in hardware: first running a Coast-to-Coast store in Yankton, S.D., then joining the Coast-to-Coast corporate structure, for which he traveled in the midwest. And here I came, wanting to marry his only daughter who, at the time, was [...] More »

Latest Interview

  • Patricia Clarkson takes the wheel

    September 9, 2015


    It is unmistakably Patricia Clarkson on the phone, that husky, honeyed purr and laugh too distinctive not to recognize. “I’m a New Orleans native, so I know 100-percent humidity,” she says, as she discusses shooting her latest film, “Learning to Drive.” “But filming in that car — with the windows up in the middle of summer — [...] More »


  • Live from the Toronto Film Festival: Wrapping up

    September 18, 2015


    It’s been a number of years since I started scheduling myself for the second half of the Toronto International Film Festival, rather than the first few days. I’m not someone who either is assigned to or feels the necessity to be the first person to see a film and register my opinion. As a result, by the [...] More »