Latest Review

  • ‘Best of Enemies,’ ‘Listen to Me Marlon’: Tasty slices of history

    July 27, 2015


    Half the struggle in documentary filmmaking is finding the right material. The other half is figuring out what to do with it. Two new documentaries get both halves of that equation right. “Listen to Me Marlon” takes previously unheard tape recordings of Marlon Brando and illustrates them with film, photographs and animation, creating a kind of impressionistic [...] More »

Latest Interview

  • Omar Sy: Fine French import

    July 22, 2015


    Americans may not be familiar with him yet but, at this moment in time, Omar Sy is the biggest movie star in France. “I remember having coffee with him one day in Paris a little while back and we were talking and engrossed in the conversation — and we looked up and there were 150 people on [...] More »


  • The art of the first draft

    July 20, 2015


    A few years ago, a film historian unearthed what he claimed was the only existing copy of the first version of John Cassavetes’ film, “Shadows.” So, minus any permission from the Cassavetes estate or the copyright holders, he offered it to a European film festival as a lost classic. He ultimately was told to cease and desist [...] More »